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The whole production process in Ramagloria always conducted with a commitment to produce the best products without the slightest tolerance to quality. The systematic of production process at Ramagloria is according to international standard benchmarks, and implemented with discipline and without compromise. Ramagloria Sakti Tekstil Industri process activities are as follows:


Raw Material Receiving

Activities of the textile industry started from raw materials receipting process. Acceptance of raw materials must pass through strict selection of reliable suppliers with high standards in quality and specifications.


Warehouse Checking

The whole raw material which has been accepted, are followed up by a warehouse team with specification checking and material testing to avoid further problems in the process.

Only teams with expertise and high precision are trusted by Ramagloria to carry out the checking of raw materials at this stage.

After we ascertained that all of raw materials are in good condition and according to desired specifications, the warehouse team then perform a cross checking between the packing list and the raw materials warehouse stock, to be used for the next bale management.


Blowing Machine

Raw material is then processed further in Blowing machine for the process of:

  1. Opening/decomposition
  2. Cleaning
  3. Mixing/blending

Contamination Check

As the absolute standard in the world textile industry, it is important for a textile product to avoid all kinds of dangerous contamination.

With high-tech contamination detectors installed on our Blowing machine, we are certain and assured that Ramagloria’s products are safe from foreign material contamination.


Carding Process

Once out of from the Blowing machine, the material will enter the Carding machine to carry out the cleaning process of the fibers.


Winding Process

Raw materials that have been in prime condition are then processed by Winding machine, to carry out the conversion process of winding yarn raw materials into final products (cone).


Yarn Clearer

With the Yarn Clearer technology installed on the Winding machine, Ramagloria can easily detect the non-standard thread before entering the rolling process. The sorting process which done by the yarn clearer covers un-evenness, thin or thickness, neps, slub, and foreign material / contaminants.


Finished Products

After passing the spinning process, the final products are all rolled neatly in cones with identical size and weight. Sorting process will be carried out by a quality control team to find imperfect and non-standard cones.


Quality Control Laboratorium

Every batch of cones produced will go through a strict quality checking in the laboratory. This is to ensure the condition of tensile strength, elasticity, thickness and unevenness of the yarn meets the standards of Ramagloria and the demand from the customer.


Product Storage

The final products which in the form of cones, are then packaged neatly in boxes, and stored in the warehouse, ready to be audited and then distributed to the customers of Ramagloria.


Motivated Human Resources

Togetherness and solidarity between the employees are essential to the production perfection of Ramagloria. Therefore, Ramagloria always briefs and motivates each employee before they start to work. The distribution and direction of every day’s tasks are always conducted in an effective forum and delivered with an emphasis motivation.


Daily Management Meeting

The whole manager of each department in Ramagloria always scheduled a daily meeting to discuss work plans and solve problems which arise in the daily production process. This tradition creates an impact on the effectiveness of work processes and smoothen the transitions of production process from one department to another.


Improvement & Development

In addition to meet the daily operational needs, the management team always discuss Continuous Improvement to make new innovations related to quality, productivity and human resources skills.